New Way to Care
New Way to Care

New Way to Care

Social Protections That Put Families First


224 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Hardcover

Hardcover, $26.95 (US $26.95) (CA $35.95)

Publication Date: December 2020

ISBN 9781598133172

Available from local and national retailers throughout the US.


All developed countries in the world today, especially in the U.S., face a common problem: they have promised more than they can deliver. People are expecting benefits for which taxpayers are not likely willing or able to pay. In addition, the benefits that government provides are all too often delivered inefficiently, impersonally, inflexibly, and in a way that encourages perverse behavior on the part of the beneficiaries. In Care for America: A Better Social Safety Net, the author, John C. Goodman, considers this dilemma and explores reasonable alternatives to our current dependency on inefficient government programs. Dr. Goodman guides us through the governmental maze of healthcare, social security and other governmental insurance programs, and offers important solutions that are relevant for today.

Author Biography

John C. Goodman is a public policy expert on healthcare policy, retirement reform, and tax issues. He is Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of the award-winning and widely acclaimed book, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis from the Independent Institute. The Wall Street Journal and the National Journal, among other media, have called him the "Father of Health Savings Accounts." Modern Healthcare says he is one of the four people who have most changed the modern healthcare system. Dr. Goodman is frequently invited to testify before Congress on healthcare reform, and he is the author of more than fifty studies on health policy, retirement reform, and tax issues plus ten books. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University and was the founder and president of the National Center for Policy Analysis. He has taught at Columbia University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Dallas. In 1988, he received the prestigious Duncan Black Award for the best scholarly article in public choice economics. Goodman regularly appears on television and radio news programs, including those on Fox News Channel, CNN, and CNBC, and his articles appear in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, National Review, and other national publications. He also directed the grassroots public policy campaign, "Free Our Health Care Now," an unsurpassed national education effort to communicate patient-centered alternatives to a government-run healthcare system. The initiative resulted in the largest online petition ever delivered on Capitol Hill.

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