Changing the Guard
Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard

Private Prisons and the Control of Crime

Edited by Alexander Tabarrok, Foreword by Charles H. Logan


248 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback, ebook: PDF, ebook: EPUB, Mobipocket

Paperback, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $29.95)

Publication Date: October 2002

ISBN 9780945999874


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When prison privatization began in the United States in the early 1980s, many policy analysts claimed that the result would be higher costs, declining quality, and an erosion of state authority. Bringing together five of the leading researchers of prison privatization and criminology, this authoritative survey addresses the economic as well as the social implications of prison reform. Economist Ken Avio begins with an analysis of the broader issues surrounding the private-prison debate, such as punishment and recidivism, and crime deterrence. Charles Thomas, the world's leading authority on private prisons, provides the empirical context for understanding the debate, examining their historical origins, present status, and future prospects. Samuel Jan Brakel and Kimberly Ingersoll Gaylord examine the costs and quality of private prisons, and Bruce Benson argues that prison privatization be instituted in concert with certain aspects of the criminal justice system.

Author Biography

Alexander Tabarrok, research director of the Independent Institute, edited The Voluntary City: Choice, Community, and Civil Society, and Entrepreneurial Economics. Charles H. Logan is the author of Private Prisons: Cons and Pros.

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